Jesse a.k.a TRiP!

“There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die” -Hunter S. Thompson

I met Jesse Sorensen back in 7th grade sometime after I started thinking I was a bad ass (when I REALLY wasn’t) and thought he was OK and we talked here and there, partied a couple of times, and smoked a couple of times together, and had mutual friends but I just don’t remember when we really started to click. I swear but he might remember better then me that it was in 10th grade in Mrs. Gullbransons class Child Development. We sat in the back (it was the only class he would come to) with Chris Strifilles and a couple of girls. We where full of talk and smart ass comments but that class developed our friendship. Half way through the year I decided to go to night school partly due to suffering a high amount of consistent anxiety. Once in Jesse would ditch school everyday and and come wake me up. I remember always forcing him to watch Teletubbies in the morning while I woke up, did I like the show, no, but I liked his reaction to it. We hung out all the time back then until 11th grade when I went back to day school and he dropped out and got into a little trouble.

We met back up in my senior year shortly before Rebecca Daughters and I broke up. Man had my back and because of the pain and rejection we both where feeling in our lives at the time we became two peas in a pod. By that point in my life I hadn’t smoked pot in almost three years, maybe more because of the relationship I was in, but he had other plans. The whole time we where friends in High School he always tried talking me into it and I only did once which was funny because when I did we smoked A LOT with some other friends and everybody was sooooo baked, except for him and I, we stayed in Pinkys garage longer then everyone else and never felt a damn thing. Anyways I digress. So one night After the breakup we where at his house watching Top Gun and while on commercial he wanted to go into his dad’s garage to smoke, well when he turned on the radio wouldn’t you know it, the Top Gun theme song was on, we took it as a sign and I toked up. From then on out I went into full blown stoner mode smoking all the time, even during school which actually helped me score better grades. Anyways I digress again. By that time we where attached at the hip until he decided to go visit family in Minnesota for the summer. Before he left though we had a going away party, MAN I still kinda remember that party. He got a ton of smoke and that’s all we, Cooper, Kristine, and a ton others did the whole night, never slept, never stopped until we had to drive Jesse to the Airport, by then I was toasted to the point that all I could do is lay in the backseat and laugh.

So after summer he came back home to find that he didn’t have one anymore and after some convincing I was able to get my parents to let him move in. From there it was one big party. For almost the whole time our daily routine was to smoke, search for smoke, play Tony Hawk Pro Skater or WWE Smackdown on the Playstation, walk, man we walked everywhere all the time, and slowly worked out our issues, but in hindsight we probably more then anything just feed into each other to make things worse, but at least we had each other and took care of each other like only brothers can. During this time we got close with A.J. as mentioned in the post about him so we will leave it there; Cooper was as well from time to time, not as much because he at this time was in the National Guard and was in N.C. and T.D.Y. in other areas. We lived together for a year and in that year we had a lot of good times, too many to list but some I would like to highlight as my favorites.

Every morning I would wake up to Jesse playing Nintendo by himself, I always enjoyed watching him play Baseball and writing down stats and being so Zealous about it.

We used to smoke A LOT and we had a lot of little rituals that he was OCD about, especially in preparing the smoke. But one of my favorites was going into my closet and hot boxing it. and then jumping out to watch all the smoke come out. Even better when we would get someone like A.J. or Krystal in there. Once we got so baked in there while my stereo while playing a war scene from a movie that we had someone (who will remain nameless out of embarrassment sake) convinced that we where under attack.

We once with Bruce and James to go smoke under a bridge in the 12th canyon, man tat was trip. I thought I was going fall off and die.

We would get on our WWE Smackdown kicks and we would go up against each other in the game and would just beat each other down and the matches we had would last hours without a pin. Those where good times.

I remember one night on the way back from a party drunk from the tequila we found a flashing street construction sign, took it home, tagged it, and kept it in my closet for years.

The first time I ever went to Logan was to spent the weekend over at Jesse’s grandparents house which was an old church, we had a good time and spent a lot of quiet time out walking the streets and smoking in a old bus in the backyard. I still remembering smoking with his cousin and he asked “am I going to die”.

Our walks/talks where always deeps debates of life, love, philosophy and religion. We may have come across like a couple of stupid stoners (and we did that very well) but neither one of us are or where and debate and talk in the deepest water.

I remember one time we fell asleep in my bed and woke up spooning, that was super awkward, mostly because someone had to come wake us up!

Like I said, too many too count and remember, it was a blast.

Eventually Jesse found Krystal and they latched on to each other rather quickly, he was the first one to get married which started my butt hurt jealously that I had with Cooper when he met Lu. I wasn’t the only one jealous because was just as jealous as I was. It was funny but we eventually became friends and all three of us started doing things together even though I felt like a third wheel most of the time.

I was about this time that he had to move out; that was a rough time for me because when he did I hardly seen him because he was with Krystal all the time and Cooper was busy, and A.J. was having his own problems so I ended up alone most of the time and ended up becoming more of a introvert and therefore even more depressed then I was before.

Eventually Jesse and Krystal got married, that was a good day. They had a beautiful ceremony at city hall in Roy. Everyone was there and they where so happy. Afterwards they moved into a apartment in Roy which was super close to my house so I was over there all the time. Again when they moved to Clearfield, then to Roy. We have to this day been brothers, though I still feel as close, we haven’t seen much of each other in the last couple of years, I assume one part laziness on both of our accounts, mixed with the fact that I became LDS. But I still love him, Krystal and my God Children Kaitlynn, Josh and Mosey. He was there for me when I needed him the most and his ability to help me to see things clearly even in the mist of smoke will always be appreciated, as much as his ability to help me to feel better about life and about myself. No matter what I know he’s my brother as well as Cooper and I am thankful to have brothers even as a only child.

At at WWE show in 2002

Partying in 2000

Grabbing my boob in 2000

Jesse and his wife Crystal 2005

Jesse and I 2005

Heck if I can remember….

Getting his head wet while hiking up Malans Peak 2008

Taking a break of Malans Peak 2008

Hiking up Malans Peak 2008

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