Larry a.k.a THA A.C.T.I.O.N.F.I.G.H.T.A.H.

What can I say about Larry? Well to copy everyone else who knows and loves Larry…..HE IS THE SHIZ!

I remember when I first met him. Skinny little black guy with a big ol’ Afro sporting some REALLY super baggy Wu-Wear (I think, at least that’s how I choose how to remember it). Back in J.R. High and High School I was a die hard Wu-Tang Clan fan and that’s what got he and I talking. We actually met through Casey and Dennis O’leary. He was Actually best friends with Dennis and I was close friends with Casey at the time so all of us and others like A.J. would hang out all the time.

It wasn’t until High School though that we would start really hanging out on our own. When we did before he joined the Army we would ride around and listen and talk about Hip-Hop all the time, maybe go cruise the “Vard” which is Washington blvd in Ogden. When he got back for a little while and I graduated we got back into that habit on top of going to parties and such, a lot of the time we’ve always just hung out at my house and trade music like trading cards, once in a while we go laser tagging. To this day it’s the same way because since I was a senior he’s been gone most of the time in on T.D.Y. or just assigned to a Fort outside of Utah. It’s funny because he could have just spent a year in Iraq (which he’s done more then once), come home and it’s like he’s never left.

I remember one time when he came home to visit I promised him a trip to a strip club, it was his brother Brandons birthday so we got loaded up on copious amounts of alcohol and Jesse and I on smoke and the four of us went, drank more and to make a long, scared story short, I got alcohol poisoning and almost died.

Another time Brandon, Larry, Casey, Torey and I went bar hopping in Ogden and ended up at a nasty strip club called the Light house. It must have been a rough night for the even rougher looking stripper on stage. I was flat broke so they where buying my beer so I made the mistake of stitting by the stage with them. Well she decided to take the fact she wasn’t getting tips out on me. She procedded to stop right in the middle of her dance and chew me out like I’ve never had before by a perfect stranger. They had to even get a bouncer out and drag her away.

Moral of the story, going to strip clubs with Larry is bad new for me!

But my most favorite times with Larry besides when we do our music trading ritual is when we go hiking. Every time he is home during the summer we have a ritual of going hiking up Waterfall Canyon. Such a great time of bearing our souls to each other. Those are the best.

Oh and I cannot forget when he’s home we always hit up his grandmother in Washington Terrace for some Fried Chicken. She makes the best chicken I’ve ever had. I never feel like such family like when we are over there, she is for sure another grandmother for me and I got to love her!

It’s hard to put down in this blog and show you just how close he is because he’s spent so much time away. But I can tell you that he’s one of my best friends, I miss him when he’s gone and one of the few people I trust the most, and feel the closest too. everybody loves Larry, he is truly a special soul and brightens the lives of everyone he comes into contact with, even if he’s a man whore with the ladies HA HA HA, sorry Larry I had to. Love you my brother from another mother!

Curry in a Hurry 2011 or 10 maybe?

At Jesse’s old house 2006

Also at Jesse’s house 2006

A party at Shawn Morrison’s house 2000

About to hit the town and find some “women” 2000

Drinking at my house 2005

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